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Virtual Assistant Settings

Benefit Kitchen’s CRM has a “Virtual Assistant”. This feature allows caseworkers (or clients) to set up a schedule (15 days, monthly, 90 days) to receive a reminder email/SMS from Benefit Kitchen. The message prompts the client to update their benefit application status. It’s a good way to keep client data up-to-date with minimal work on the caseworker’s part.

Client’s access the feature via the “Virtual Assistant” link they see in the header after completing a screening. Caseworkers can update a client’s setting in the “Cases” page, by clicking on the “Edit” button. An option can be set to receive updates via email or SMS.

If you see an error message: "This client's messaging settings are invalid":
  1. Ensure that you have the client's correct email address or phone number where they can receive messages.
  2. Ensure that the phone number is valid (no punctuation, please) or that the email address is valid (e.g. it must contain an "at" symbol).
  3. Ensure that the preferred method of communication is correctly set (e.g. Email or Text Message).
  4. Save your changes and then return to the client's "Edit" page.
  5. If there is no error message and you want to send a "magic link" to your client immediately, click the "Send" button and ensure that the client received an email or SMS.


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