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Are the benefit estimates accurate?

We pride ourselves on accuracy--with good inputs our eligibility screening should be accurate to the dollar. We've used the federal, state, and local laws (as they currently exist in PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and other datasets) to build our custom algorithms. We try to take into account how benefits will affect with one another and we test benefits in a specific order so that we're able to provide the best information to families and caseworkers. 

We also depend on good inputs. For example, we don't currently ask about immigration status, but we can provide information for caseworkers to use so that they correctly count the number of household members when doing a screening. If a family neglects to report an income source--that will affect benefit eligibility (and the Food Stamp office won't forget to ask about all income sources!).

If you do a screening with a family and find a discrepancy, please let us know! We'd love to fix it!

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